List of Conference Venues and Banqueting Hall in London

List of Conference Venues and Banqueting Hall in London


Having a space on hand for any event you might have to host is important. Businesses are always on the lookout for the perfectplace for meetings, client pop-ins, and appointments especially if it is not available inhouse as these are the daily activitiesthe business is faced with. London is a city having thousands of places which offer great services for the people who want to schedule any type of event in the conference halls. It’s really a tedious task to find conference venuesLondon, which can comprehend all business needs. People used to spend hours while searching a conference hall or event space.

Moreover, whether you are looking for conference facility or banqueting hall London for facilitating the home event or official event, it is best to make use of a location which is unique and prestigious. Before giving you the list of some popular conference venue in London here are some checkpoint on which experts choose places.


Seating style


Undoubtedly, this is the primary requirement of every individual or business whenever you search for the event space London. The seating arrangement can define the capacity of the event. Cabaret seating arrangement is best for the business meeting and appointments. As business meeting requires face to face interaction and direct communication with the people.

If you are looking for the space for conference venues London, better to find out the place which has Cabaret seating. However, if you are looking for an event space London then you must require a place which has the traditional seating arrangement. Traditional seating is such as seating in the theatre style. Theatre seating capacity offers ample seating arrangements for any type of event. There are so many large capacity event halls available in London which even offers tiered seating. Tiered seating can promote greater audience as it improves sight lines.

Venue location: The location of the place also plays a vital role in the selection of the hall. London has the good network of public transport. If you are looking for a place for banqueting hall London than make sure you choose on which is completely connected with the service.


Conference facility


Probably this is the primary need if you need a place for the conference. However, in London, you can find out so many places for the conference but make sure place has the good facility such as Wi-Fi, sound system, in-house projection and other conference types of equipment. Might be you had to pay some additional amount for getting these types of services. However, you should not be choosing the poor place just to compensate the same amount as this can hamper your conference arrangement and can lead to big failure. Better to include all these services while describing your rate for the conference venues London. There are so many popular hotels available which are offering best conference services.

After checking the crucial information on what to look for in event places, we provided a list whickcan help you to choose the best place as per your requirements.

1.) 8 Northumberland Avenue: This is a good venue due to its location. It is just a minute’s walk away from the Trafalgar Square. Trafalgar Square is the official center of London which makes the place a central venue. This is the best event space in London while offering cutting-edge technologies associated rooms. The client can take benefits of classic services as well as modern technologies. They have intelligent lightening system associated with the rooms which are best for any event.

2.) QEII Centre: This large and stunning place can complete your needs if you are searching for banqueting hall London. This space provides the stunning view of Westminster area from the windows. It also has huge space for delegated and other services.

3.) Royal Horticultural Halls:It is a place you cannot miss while searching a place for the big event. Located in the central London this place has its own benefits. It is easily accessible and set the standards for its conference hosting and fashion shows and other events. This is the best place one could have for the launch of the products and other big business events.

4.) 30 Euston Square: With the 300 seat arrangement this is the largest space available for the conferences in the center of the London. The built-in tiered seating creates a unique style which facilitates the sight scenes exceptionally. This space is equipped with the advanced technology equipment’s which can be used for business conferences. Adjoining space is available to provide the refreshment, lunch, and dinner to the attendants. The place allows the creative branding and also promotes natural lightening arrangement.

These places can surely help you to efficiently complete your task. Whether it is a business event or a personal event they have all the facilities to complete your needs. Make sure you take some time before finalizing the place for your big event.