Brushing twice a day is the most basic dental hygiene habit you can adopt because it’s painless and literally takes only two minutes. If you are concerned that you are not using the right toothbrush, then you should read on to know how do I choose a good toothbrush and implement the tips mentioned below.

  • Make sure that the toothbrush has soft bristles as hard bristles might lead to pulling back of gum tissue from your teeth which is bad as it increases sensitivity to several foods and drinks.
  • Check the head size of a toothbrush and make sure that it fits your mouth perfectly. The ideal size that works for most people is a half inch wide and one inch long.
  • Though many people are convinced that powered toothbrushes clean better than regular ones, there is no proof of it. But if powered toothbrushes motivate you to brush regularly, there is no harm in buying these as there are no side effects of using them.
  • People who have a medical condition like arthritis must opt for powered toothbrushes as they negate the need to move the toothbrush often. People who have misaligned or uneven teeth should also consider this option to get a thorough cleaning.
  • Make sure that you replace the toothbrush about every three months or when the bristles start getting out of place. Also, make sure that you replace it after an illness.
  • When selecting a toothbrush for a kid, make sure it has extra soft bristles, very small heads, large handles, and attractive colors or design as it will motivate the kid to brush regularly.
  • In case you need guidance, talk to your dentist about which toothbrush should you use and let him or her offer customized advice according to your specific brushing needs.

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